About the project

General: We implemented in this project a game based on EEG recordings. Two competitors are connected to EEG electrodes and are trying to win the game by becoming more relaxed than their competitor. This is done by monitoring the Alpha waves activity of the individual and comparing it. The project was done as an eng. final project for our university (The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem), in cooperation with the Bloomfield science museum of Jerusalem. The device will be exhibited in the upcoming brain exhibition in the museum.

Design - Our project is composed of three complementary parts:
1. Analog Circuit and Active Electrodes designed to acquire, filter and amplify the brain waves.
2. Digital circuit that includes A2Ds and a micro controller. It is designed to sample the analog signal and transfer it to the computer using RS232 protocol over a USB connection.
3. Computer program that analyzes the data and provides graphical feedback to the users. Implemented in C++ and OpenGL.



  • Dr Amir Ben-Shalom
  • Dr Oren Shriki

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